Project One

Objective: Icebreaker

Let’s move to Forth Worth, were the words that greeted me one Saturday afternoon in July of 2015. Me, being the adventurous type, said OK. And thus began our journey from Dallas to Fort Worth and put an end the feeling that kept surfacing that we needed a change …. or a move …. or something that we just could not put our finger on. The Universe had spoken and we were at peace, the house in Dallas sold in a day and a half and we found a house in Ft. Worth exactly where we needed to be. This move was based off of our need for help in taking care of my wife’s elderly father and her sister lives on Lake Worth and was not going to move. After a lifetime in Dallas for her and 27 years for me, we pulled up roots and moved.

In my 48 years on this planet I have lived many lifetimes. In those lifetimes I have learned a few things and realized that living on the surface of life isn’t good enough for me. I want to go below the surface and truly embrace life. A lot of times when I meet new people I try to stay away from the surface questions and I may ask them something like “In this day, what are the 3 things you are most grateful for?” or something like “What is the thing you are most excited about right now?” The answers I get truly help me to get to know the person that I am speaking with.

Nothing in my past lifetimes compares to the lifetime that I am living right now. Each day I awaken I make sure to take time to thank the Universe for returning my soul to me after a good nights sleep and then the Universe and I carry on a conversation like we haven’t spoken in years when in reality I’ve been talking to him/her all throughout the day. Each morning I take my dogs for a walk and I marvel at the stars in the sky and I have become convinced that the stars have never been so brilliant as they are at 4:15 in the morning. As I begin any day I try to ask myself this question “What can I learn today?” It makes life quite interesting when you ask yourself that question. Over the years of asking I have tried quite a few tasks that in my previous life I would have never tried. Like building, cooking, canoeing, gardening, making my own cleaning products and laundry soap, listening to podcasts, joining Toastmasters …. so much life for me to embrace and enjoy and live to the fullest.

As you can tell the spiritual aspect of life is very important to me and very intriguing to me. I feel that being in touch with Spirit has led me to be transparent with the people around me and has helped me to see the world in a little different way than most. After all it was Spirit who led me all those years ago ( 20 to be exact ) to begin the interior work that my soul and being so desperately needed. The fact that I listened still amazes me. It wasn’t until I hit 40 that all that interior work I had been doing really started to make a difference in my life. It was like this switch got flipped and life opened up for me. I had a new found respect for life and connectedness to the earth and to others around me. It has been fascinating for me to cultivate that over the years. Spirit has provided so many influences for me to grow from. I am still amazed at life and at the life I get to lead.

I am still growing and changing everyday but I feel I am so much better equipped. I tend to stay on the positive side of life, I am absolutely grateful for life and all of it’s challenges and rewards.

Through all of my lifetimes I have been led to these 3 central truths in my life:
1) we can make it through the hard things
2) we, the human collective, belong to each other
3) love wins

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