Project Six

Objective: Vocal Variety

Title: Carried In Our Hearts

August 4, 2017, my world changed forever …. My dad passed away .. crossed over ….. went home. I got the call on that Wednesday afternoon from my brother and he simply stated that I needed to come home that dad was on hospice.  I got on the plane and went home and by Friday he was gone.  His passing filled me with much sadness but at the same time much gratitude for the life he had lived and for the lessons he had taught me.  

As we worked our way through the funeral and burial and all that comes with that, I started to reflect on some of the different philosophies I had heard about about birth, life and death.  And a couple of weeks later when I got back home to Texas I began to write about my dad’s death.  Thats when I stumbled upon a poem that I had written for my parents but had not gotten a chance to send to them.  Being a believer that the things we create have a life of their own and need to be put out into the universe to be heard, I share this poem with you now knowing that my parents will hear it … each in their own way. 

I am a highly tuned
Of dust & particles
That has the unique ability
To have a soul & spirit
I am designed to enjoy the ride
That we call life

I come in a package that is unique
To me
Born into circumstance that I could not
Born to people, who over time became my parents
Who raised me
And kept me safe
And then let me go

They let me go out into the world
On my own
To experience the best
And the worst
That life has to offer
Their example set before me
In the life that they lead
Showing me
Love and kindness
And the mind-blowing ability to change
at any age

Change their perspective
Shift their stance
Beyond any comprehension and
No matter what others thought
Just because I am their child

In our 29 years apart
I hope they have come to see
Their child who left
Has become all they thought she would be
Someone who is filled with light and love
Who has stories and wisdom  to impart
Someone who embraces life and isn’t afraid
To jump in the deep end and face
The challenges head on

Each day as I step out into the world
I always know that my parents are with me
Even though the miles may separate us
I carry them both with me in my heart

One particular philosophy that has given me comfort in this life event is this …. The ancient Jews, and by ancient I mean 1st century, believed that when we sleep our souls go to heaven to spend time there and upon waking the next morning, if in fact you do wake the next morning, it was part of the ritual to thank the Creator for returning your soul to you.  And then you go out and are present in the day you have been given.

I’ve come to realize that death only ends a life not the relationship …. That the miles may physically separate my family and I but not the relationship.  As my family comes to terms with the new reality that we face, we can all rest a little easier knowing that we carry each other in our hearts.