The Gift Card

December 14th ….. the day before my 50th birthday.  I walk into the house after a good day at work and I am greeted by two loving, and wonderful puppies, Puah and Zacch.  Normally, Puah and Zacch are happy to see me but today they seemed extra happy.  As I walked further into the house, Angela, my wife, greeted me and then directed my attention to a mound of chewed up mail and other stuff that Zacch and Puah had just shredded.  I was shocked and said “What happened?” …. as I held up my birthday  gift card that had the corner completely chewed off it.  Zacch and Puah saw it and slinked away to go lay down on their beds.  They knew they had done something very wrong.

Under normal circumstances Zacch and Puah can be left alone with no trouble at all, but somehow, as Christmas approaches it seems to bring out the bad boy in Zacch.  I was disappointed as I looked at him and told him I had plans for that gift card.  He looked back up at me with those sad, puppy dog eyes and gave me a look like he was sorry.  I couldn’t stay mad at him and assured him that it would be ok, but Santa may only leave him coal this year.

December 15th …. My birthday!  Today is the day I turn 18,250 days old  🙂 …. I know, I don’t look it!  I decide that I am going to contact Amazon about the chewed gift card.  I mean, Zacch only ate off the last 2 digits of the code that is needed.  Below is the story that I told my Amazon rep, Jenerose, via the chat:

“You probably hear this all the time, but … today is my birthday, my 50th to be exact, and I came home last night and my dog ate part of my $25 gift card. And yes it is the part that contains the last numbers of the code on the back. Is there anything you can do about this situation? He gave me a look like he was sorry so I told him it would be ok.”

Through a series of exchanges with Jenerose, and a Happy Birthday along the way, I was able to give her the part of the code that I still had and the serial number.  She was able to track down the card and restore the card to my account.  I was so grateful that she took the time to help me with my problem and to actually solve it for me … it really made my day. 

And I assured her that when I got home tonight I would reassure Zacch that Santa would in fact come to visit him.