A Spiritual Journey

What if we look at the story of Adam and Eve in a completely different light ….

I don’t believe that Adam and Eve were the only people on earth.  I don’t believe this is actually a story of how creation came into being but instead I have come to see that maybe, just maybe, this is more a story of a spiritual journey that was put here to help up think and marvel at our own existence.

Adam is a guy who has jut been going through the motions of life.  Go to work, come home, eat dinner, go to bed and then get up and do it all again the next day, and the day after that and the day after that.  Adam feels so empty and he is struggling to understand why.  He is a guy that has always gone to church, he prays and he tries to do the right things in life, but still he is empty.  He thought that by now his life would be awesome and he would be happy and fulfilled.  After all, he has a good job at the factory and makes decent money.  He has a nice place to live and has food on his table every night.  His basics are covered.  Why then does he feel like something is missing?

So Adam starts asking questions through prayer.  The Divine hears Adam speaking and asking and after some time The Divine meets Adam right where Adam is in his life.  Adam finally hears the still small voice of The Divine and Adam feels a shift in his life.  And for the first time it is shift that Adam feels excited about.  He begins a daily habit of walking and talking with The Divine and soon Adam finds that he is talking to The Divine all the time.  They know each other inside and out and a beautiful, wonderful friendship has begun.

Adam, for the first time in his life, suddenly finds that he feels fully alive for the first time.  He actually begins to see the beauty in the life that surrounds him on a daily basis.  He sees it so clearly that he can finally put a name to these things. Adam’s world becomes HUGE and filled with light and not only can he see clearly for the first time but he can hear clearly for the first time too.

Adam’s world becomes more vibrant, more alive and more meaningful.  Adam goes to The Divine one day and expresses gratitude for what The Divine has shown him and taught him.  Adam says that he is lonely and wishes that he had another person to share this experience with.

One day while Adam is at work he notices a woman named Eve.  Why had he never noticed her before?  She seems like a great person, like someone he would like to get to know better.  Somehow they get introduced and they hit it off and the best part about Eve is that she too has a beautiful relationship with The Divine.  Adam and Eve start spending a lot of time together on Adam’s farm where he has fruit trees and beautiful plants of all types growing.  With Eve’s help, Adam is able to keep everything maintained.  And all the while they continued to walk and talk with The Divine on a daily basis.  They both beared their souls to the Divine and told the Divine everything and felt no shame in doing so.

One day Eve was out on the farm tending to the tree that grew in the middle of the farm, but they had never eaten anything from it.  Odd, she thought, but she never questioned it.  Until today, when she hear a voice ask her again and again why they never ate from that tree.   Eve kept trying to put it out of her head but then the voice kept saying I wonder what that fruit tastes like?  And she was a little bit hungry.  After she took a bite of the fruit, she realized she had made a big mistake.  She felt a shift …. instead of taking another step towards the Divine she took a step away.  And to keep from being the only one she got Adam to join her in the mistake.

Instead of leaning into the mistake and asking The Divine for forgiveness they tried to cover it up, but the Divine could see their weak excuses and knew they were not telling him/her everything that had happened in their day.

From that day forward Adam and Eve knew they were separated from the Divine, that one mistake took them away from what  they had wanted and put them on a new path.  A new path that felt a little bit more distant from the Divine, for they knew that they could never go back to what was.  They had to move forward into a new relationship with the Divine and the world around them.  They had put the distance between themselves and the Divine.  The Divine had already forgiven them but Adam and Eve had not recognized this and each day brought a little more distance.

Eventually, Adam and Eve recognized the forgiveness that the Divine offered and they accepted it.   Adam and Eve forgave themselves and were able to move into a new space with the Divine so once again they could experience life to it’s fullest.