Last Father’s Day

I sent my dad  a multi-colored bouquet of roses. I called him to let him know to be expecting a package and we talked for about 30 minutes and in that conversation he told me he had gotten the card that I sent him.  I was so glad that the card arrived on time because I notoriously send them so that they usually arrive a day or two late. 

I loved that phone call, I loved hearing his voice.  Later that evening my mom called to tell me that they had received the package and that he LOVED the flowers.  She told me how wonderful they looked and that I had made my dad’s day.  My dad said that no-one had ever sent him flowers before.  The flowers lasted for well over a week and at the end of their life the petals still retained their color so they collected them and put them into a small glass vase that my dad could take to whatever room he happened to be in.  Those petals lasted until he took his last breath just over a month after Father’s Day.  Those flowers were just one small way that I could say Thank You to my dad and to let him know just how much I loved him and how often I thought of him.  I can’t send him flowers this year …. But there will be a bouquet of roses on our table this Father’s Dad in honor of my dad and all he did and continues to do for me.

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