Beauty in the Everyday

The other day as I sat in the baggage claim area of DFW airport I was witness to the beauty in the everyday. 

On this cold rainy night, sitting right next to me was a mom, dad and a little girl, who was probably about 8 years old.  They were speaking a different language while the little girl effortlessly bounced back and forth between her native tongue and English.  It was absolutely beautiful to hear.  You could tell that the little girl was spirited and that she was the apple of her parents eyes.  Some music was playing overhead and she heard the music and began to dance.  Her dad started laughing and then she started laughing and once that began she started to do more dance moves that would make her dad and mom laugh.  As I sat next to all of this, listening and observing, I couldn’t help but smile and wonder at the elation of this child just to make her parents laugh.  As quickly as it began the laughter soon turned to pure joy when the little girl saw her grandparents emerge through those baggage claim doors.  She ran to them and hugged them and they made their way back over to the seats.  Her grandpa pulled out a toy that he had made sure to pack near the top of his suitcase and she gasped for joy at the site of it.  Soon they were off and I had to leave as well as the flight I was waiting on had been diverted to a different terminal and baggage claim.  And before leaving I thought about how grateful I was that I was able to experience the beauty of that moment I had just witnessed  . . .  I was thankful that my focus was not the size of my phone screen but was instead the size of the world around me. 

I’m not sure how many of the other people around me were able to appreciate the moment, or if they even noticed it.   We get so caught up in our lives and what it happening in it at that moment that we don’t always take the time to breathe and notice the things that are happing around us.  Sure we notice things when they are big …. Like hurricane’s, cancer or death.  But if we miss those small opportunities to somehow connect with the larger wold around us, haven’t we really lost the meaning of life itself?

The Universe just asks us to stop, to take a look, to be awe inspired at the beauty that exists around us everyday.

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