The soul of the Divine

At 8-weeks-old a puppy that we named Paddington O’Malley came into our world.  It took a few days for all of us to get used to the interruptions to the routine that a puppy can cause. 

One early morning as I was up and watching him play and get used to his new surroundings, I noticed that he was winding down so I picked him up and placed him on my lap to where he was facing me.  At that moment when I looked into his eyes and told him welcome to the earth new soul …. I am here to guide you along the way and to love you forever, I felt as if I were looking into the soul of God.  It struck me that here was Paddington who had no knowledge of anything and a language that was all his own and a language that he needed to learn and I had been given the task of helping him.  As I looked into Paddington’s eyes I felt God staring back at me. 

For the past few years I have realized that everything is connected through that strand of creation …. The soul of the Universe runs through all things and begs us to realize it.  The Divine even tells us in the Bible how important all of his creation is to him.  The Divine may have given man dominion over things, but that is not to be interpreted as ruling with an iron fist. 

It should be interpreted as treating everything with respect and dignity and not destroying whatever it is we feel we have dominion over.

The flowers, trees, grass, shrubs … all give us their best every day of their lives.  They are living, breathing, life that we take for granted and most of the time overlook the beauty of what they are saying to us. 

When I looked into Paddington’s eyes that morning I saw my opportunity to enjoy this teaching experience and saw this incredible opportunity to commune with God, the Divine, the Universe, on a daily basis.

Man was created in the image of God but I don’t believe that that means our outward appearance.  I believe that the image of God is the capacity to love, the ability to forgive, the need to want to help others, and all of the attributes that Psalm tells us about the Divine.  After all God is a deity that has no form or gender, yet man does.  And man also has the capacity to hate, to seek revenge, to hold a grudge and to forsake others …. I believe that those attributes are cultivated in us from the World.  And we, as Christ followers, are supposed to be in the world and not of the world.

In this season of realization for me I am re-evaluating how I look at and treat the creation that is around me everyday.   I want to feel that connection of the Divine being all around me and surrounding me at every turn I may take.

Paddington O’Malley will continue to grow and change and learn things everyday …. And everyday I have the opportunity of connection to the Divine.  That is something I don’t want to overlook, or abuse or take for granted. I’ve been keeping in mind that when I look into the face of others, I look into the face of God, and when I look into the face of creation I look into the soul of the Divine.

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