Project 8

Objective:  Getting comfortable with props

Title:  Take the World

A fight, a love story and life in all it’s glory

I hold in my hands my marriage certificate.  I didn’t realize that this piece of paper could hold so much significance and meaning in my life.  This piece of paper contains several stories and when I look at it I can see those stories.  Those stories that are stories of a lifetime.

The back of this paper is where it all starts.  It all starts with a fight.  A fight that still continues to this day.  The fight began one night in June of 1969 at the Stonewall Inn in New York City.  On that night in the wee hours of the morning the police raided the Stonewall Inn, which happened to be a gay club. The Stonewall Inn had been raided many times in the past and each time it was raided the patrons never caused a problem.  That is until that night, June 25, 1969.  That was the night that someone in the crowd decided to fight back. One person that night decided that they were tired of being treated as less than a human being.  That night a movement for LGBT rights was born.  After all once you start a movement forward there is no going back.

When I turn this paper horizontally it tells another story.  A story created by the human collective.  It creates a thin line which causes a barrier between the back side and the front side …. “Us vs Them” …. Whoever that is.  It is barrier created by fear and fear doesn’t want the back side of the paper to move forward or to even be heard.  The push at the back of the paper only asks us to listen to each other, to hear the stories, and to ask the questions that will hopefully spur on the change to break through the barrier of fear.

The front side of this piece of paper tells a completely different story …. It tells a love story. A story that flows out and just wants to be hear.  It’s my love story.

When I fell in love in 2007 I knew this was a love like no other that I had experienced.  No one else that I had ever dated made me feel the way that Angela did.  I felt that together her and I could take the world.  After dating for a while I knew that Angela was the one.  We began our lives together and somewhere in and amongst the everyday we discussed getting married.  We decided that instead of just a ceremony that would only have significant meaning to her and I, that we wanted to wait until it was legal.  It seemed like a pipe dream at that point in history.  And life in all it’s glory …. Bitter, sweet, spicy, sour …. Continued to move forward.

In 2015, Angela and I were planing a vacation to North & South Carolina just to explore the states.  It was going to be an 11 day long trip which would conclude over Memorial Day weekend so we wanted to make sure that for the last leg of our journey we were on a beach.  We chose to end our trip with 5 days in Holden Beach, NC.  A few weeks before our trip I realized that in North & South Carolina we could get legally married.  Then I realized that I had a friend who lived in Myrtle Beach, SC who was a wedding officiant and she said that she would love to perform the ceremony.  Then I realized that we had invited 2 friends to join us on our last leg of the journey in Holden Beach and we had already made arrangements to pick them up at the airport.  We had everything …. A beach, an officiant and 2 witnesses.  All I needed was Angela. 

On May 23, 2015, with 4 people in attendance, Angela and I were legally married.  To say that it was the best day of my life would be an understatement.  The entire weekend could not have been more perfect.  Angela’s sister, Stacy, surprised us and tagged along with our 2 witnesses, her other sister, Michelle, who could not attend, sent food for our small reception. After the ceremony that day the entire wedding party hung out on the beach all day and had a blast in the ocean.  On that day the future looked brighter than it ever had before.  And life in all it’s glory …. bitter, sweet, sour, spicy …. Continued moving forward.

Just one month after that day in May … in June of 2016, the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage should be legal in all states.  It was shocking to hear that decision and after the shock wore off elation set in.  It was like we finally belonged to the bigger collective of humanity.

The push from the back side of this paper still goes on.  The fight is still being fought.  The thin line that separates us from them is still there and probably will be for the rest of my life, but life in all it’s glory ….. continues forward and the love story continues to grow, change, mature, get stronger and move forward so that Angela and I can take the world.

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