Last Father’s Day

I sent my dad  a multi-colored bouquet of roses. I called him to let him know to be expecting a package and we talked for about 30 minutes and in that conversation he told me he had gotten the card that I sent him.  I was so glad that the card arrived on time because I notoriously send them so that they usually arrive a day or two late.  Continue reading “Last Father’s Day”

Friendship & Quiet Conversations

It was about 8 years ago or so that I lost hope.  For some reason hope was completely gone. I found myself in a very dark place, a place I didn’t want to be in, and when I looked up from the bottom all I could see was black.  It felt as if everything I was working towards just keep crashing in on me and it felt as if I could not bust through the patterns in my life that seemed to be keeping me there.  I hate to admit it, but in my darkest time …. I was looking for a way out.  Continue reading “Friendship & Quiet Conversations”

Last Breath

“May my last breath here be my first with you….”

– Phil Wickham, “Tears of Joy”

The call came in at 1:30pm.  It was my brother.  He told me that they had called in hospice and that I needed to come home.  My dad was in the hospital and most likely would not be with us much longer.  After wrapping up my work for the day, I left …. In a state of not readiness.  I thought that I had prepared myself for my dad’s passing, but instead I found myself wanting him to stay just a little longer.  As I was driving home the emotion that flooded my soul was sadness mixed with an over whelming amount of gratitude.

Continue reading “Last Breath”