I heard somewhere about a proverb about babies and that when they are in the womb that is the time that the angels are bending down to them and telling them all the secrets of the universe and that when they are born they know all this stuff but have no way to communicate it.  So as they grow and they watch us and become more human they forget more and more about the secrets of the universe. 

I wonder if in that time that the angels are whispering to all of us in the womb if they tell us about death but they instruct us to put that part aside and concentrate on the living?

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Recent Life Events

With the recent death of my Dad, I began to write about it in order to deal with my grief.  The next series of blogs are just some of my thoughts on death and how I have been working through the grief.  The grief as eased up, but it’s the missing him that I don’t believe will ever go away.