Project 8

Objective:  Getting comfortable with props

Title:  Take the World

A fight, a love story and life in all it’s glory

I hold in my hands my marriage certificate.  I didn’t realize that this piece of paper could hold so much significance and meaning in my life.  This piece of paper contains several stories and when I look at it I can see those stories.  Those stories that are stories of a lifetime.

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Project Six

Objective: Vocal Variety

Title: Carried In Our Hearts

August 4, 2017, my world changed forever …. My dad passed away .. crossed over ….. went home. I got the call on that Wednesday afternoon from my brother and he simply stated that I needed to come home that dad was on hospice.  I got on the plane and went home and by Friday he was gone.  His passing filled me with much sadness but at the same time much gratitude for the life he had lived and for the lessons he had taught me.  

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